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About Ira Knight:
A leader in the "Bridge and Mirrors" category of playwriting and theater,
Ira understands the gift of inspiration and power of encouragement,
ALL of my work is created with the spirit and intent of making the world
a better place than the one I entered.
I am willing to travel -- as a speaker, play presenter or participant in your
organization's event.
There are no travel restrictions -- " the Earth is my region".

For more information or questions:
* IRA_KNIGHT@Yahoo.com
* 919.627.4554
* www.IraKnight.org

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(Playwright, Producer, Director)
Mandela, An Interpretation
Martin Luther King, An Interpretation
Backseat Therapy
THE Man's Guide To Writing Love Letters (Adapted from book)
Short Notice
Gentleman Caller
Guilty Conscience
When Ralph Waldo Emerson Met THE Frederick Douglass
Who Shall Speak For the Defense
It's Spring Again

(Author, Publisher)
* GRATITUDE: A Tool To Survive and Thrive
*THE Man's Guide To Writing Love Letters: Is SEX the only thing on a MAN's mind?
* GOD Needs To Hear Thank YOU, Too!: -- A Father's Light and Lessons For My Children
* I'm Teaching Poetry -- Volume 1

*Bragtown Library (Durham County) Local Hero Stories: Every Hero Has a Story
This book is the product of a creative writing workshop at the Durham County Public Library. The writings of participating middle school students were published as a collection.

(Just a sample...)
Start At The Finish and Work Your Way Back
Invest In Yourself
Nothing Beats A Failure, But A Try
Donít Get Jealous, Get Better
Just Get It Done!