Many times in life we can be our own worst enemies. We deprive ourselves of a "good" life by undermining ourselves. "How do we do that?" By constantly focusing on and taking inventory of our shortcomings and weaknesses, instead of really appreciate the good in our lives -- the good people, the good experiences, our good qualities. Take the time to be grateful!
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GOD Needs To Hear Thank You, Too!

As Emerson says, "...God lives, not lived...speaks, not spoke..." Take the time to look around you and appreciate the wonderful miracles we witness EVERY SINGLE day! Regardless of your religious or spiritual affiliation or non-affiliation, this is a must read book.
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THE Man's Guide To Writing Love Letters

My mother always told me, "Please bring me flowers while I'm alive and can enjoy them". Let us all take the time, while we have the chance, to let people know we appreciate them. Not a fan letter to a "star", but to the everyday people -- the babysitter, store clerk, teacher... Somewhere in all of our lives we have crossed the path of people who have helped us -- take the time to let them know, you will be amazed at how much it means!
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The Works of Ira Knight

As a man that understands the power of inspiration and encouragement,
All of Ira's works are created and put forth with the goal of making the world a better place than the one I entered. Presented with the intent to stand the test of time, not waste your time.

Ira Knight