Martin Luther King, An Interpretation

An original, unique and thought-provoking 1-man interpretation of the many facets of Martin Luther King, Jr. including the complex human side of him. This is not imitation and mimicry, but an inspiring work that the man himself would respect and be proud of.

Backseat Therapy

There is more to a taxi than driving, directions and baggage. Exploration of what the life of a taxi driver can tell us about ourselves, an inspiring and thought provoking look at the impact and Butterfly Effect of childhood molestation.

Short Notice

TIME is the most valuable asset we have...irreplaceable
Let's make make the most of it, appreciate it.... none of us knows when our clock will expire.

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The Man's Guide To Writing Love Letters (Play Adaptation)

Are all males, Men?
Is sex the only thing on a Man's Mind?
Is Seduction the goal of every Love Letter?
Experience this unique presentation !

Guilty Conscience

An original and unique perspective.
Listen and watch A different kind of drug dealer, as we experience him in a session with his therapist.

The Plays of Ira Knight

As a leader in the "Bridge and Mirror" category of play presentations and theater, all of Ira's works are original and thought-provoking -- with the intent to inspire. EVERY PERFORMANCE is followed by a discussion with the playwright, audience and actor(s). He may not be Shakespeare or August Wilson, but you haven't seen anything like this -- and it won't be frivolous!

Ira Knight